Zigong Huilongtang Culture&Art Co., Ltd

Zigong Huilongtang Culture&Art Co., Ltd is a comprehensive entity company specialized in design and production of simulation models. It is located in Zigong, Sichuan province of China, which has high reputation as dinosaur's hometown. Being honesty to clients, making high-quality products, instantly innovating and developing are the purpose of HLT-dino. 13 years of manufacturing experience,HLT-dino owns three workshops and the right of export and import. Professional sculptors and advanced mechanical...
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Official Phone: 86-0813-8114400 Email:master@dinosaur.cc Mobile:86-13890034892 Working time: 24hours on line

ADD:Qinglong village, Dashanpu Town,Da'an District,Zigong City,
Sichuan Province,China