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Dinosaur Costume

Walking Dinosaur Costume Spinosaurus

Walking dinosaur costumes, you can customize any kind of dinosaurs, this Spinosaurus dinosaur suit, which is the star of Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, also introduced the same model of dinosaur toys, the overall complexity of bright yellow, the mouth of spinosaurus similar to the slender crocodile. When walking the dinosaur pet, maybe you need to bring its favorite food, fish?

Know details

Carnegie Museum of Natural History, one of the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, is among the top natural history museums in the country. It maintains, preserves, and interprets an extraordinary collection of artifacts, objects, and scientific specimens used to broaden understanding of evolution, conservation, and biodiversity. Carnegie Museum of Natural History generates new scientific knowledge, advances science literacy, and inspires visitors of all ages to become passionate about science, nature, and world cultures.

  • Dimension: Approximately 13ft long, 3ft wide, 7ft tall 

  • Suitable for 160 cm to 200 cm Performer

  • Packing Size: L/W/H=2.45m*0.95m*1.1m=2.6m³

  • Weight: Within 22 KGS

  • Materials: Semi-automatic Steel frame device + High-density sponge+Silicone.

  • Lourinhanosaurus Movements: Eyes blinking, head left to right, neck up and down, tail left to right, walking, even running, making alive sound etc……

  • Other optional movements: Water spray, smoke spray, lightning effects etc can be customized for different show needs. 

  • Production time: Basically 15-30 Days. Required extra days as per design.

  • Accessories: Wooden Case for transportation, Charger, Performer Pants, Show Shelf, Skin Repair Kits etc….

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