HLT’s new R&D animatronic dinosaur products

Sat Aug 03 14:03:51 CST 2019

Recently, HLT animatronic dinosaur park has one classical Spinosaurus (animatronic dinosaur) that rushed out high voltage board. The workers caught him after running around the amusement park. The body is so big and strong, its shape is beautiful, the skin with charming color.People were shocked its details of skin texture that is so rich and special.According to R&D section, it’s the newest patent technology of HLT team. Breaking through the limitation of traditional sponge carving. Let’s go to see the animatronic dinosaur’s pictures!

The large dinosaur, with a large mouth and short forelimbs, was known as Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The Spinosaurus’ head is slender and narrow, looks like a crocodile, and its back is generally curved and high, with a height of nearly 2 meters, like a long sail. 

The Carcharodontosaurus’ size is not superior to the dinosaurs mentioned earlier, but the most characteristic is his teeth, his teeth are like shark teeth, whether the shape or the sharp degree of tearing prey which are better than sharks! 

If you see the head of this dinosaur, you may not think that this is the huge herbivores we all know. This is Diplodocus, which can be as long as 27m long.

The new animatronic dinosaur designed by three greatest designers of our company who used 180 days to finished them successfully! Then, lets find the difference of process technology of these animatronic dinosaur!

First of all, the new animatronic dinosaurs are totally different from traditional dinosaurs technology. Because we combinate the new technology with traditional art and craft.

Through clay sculpture moulds and fiberglass reproduces, strengthening animatronic dinosaurs’ skin texture is more exquisite, closing to the degree of simulation. The traditional art and craft cant show the dinosaur claws exquisite texture, but clay sculpture can make it! What’s more, The eyeball is a higher innovation. It can change static state into non-stationary state.

Now the eyeball is made of LED screen projection. The green eyeball steams some faint lights. If he stars at you, maybe you are super danger in the deepest and darkest forest in the Jurassic era. Finally, we must to talk about animatronic dinosaur’s teeth.

According to the science reported, the real dinosaur’ teeth are dragged. Not we know the smooth teeth, we can restore above 100% teeth texture through oral mold making.

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