Zigong Lantern sets out the Nice

Wed Aug 14 14:59:45 CST 2019

Aug14, 2019, the festival lanterns has been finished by our company over 100 workers, loading into the truck and ready to go.

They will sail the huge ocean, arriving above 5,Oct and show on Nice France.

After arriving in Nice, Zigong lantern workers will showing  part of final production, installation, debugging at the scene.

The series of lantern has over 50 sets, displaying Chinese Story, Using Chinese Crafts that showing traditional Zigong lantern craft production to local people and tourists. But its performance technique is super full of modern appeal.

For the exhibition places transports is convenient, closing to airport. You can imagine that when the dark is coming. Gorgeous lantern shines at angel bay, appealing many people attention, letting tourists who stay here to feel different lantern world and Chinese&Western culture.


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