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The Singapore Vice Prime-minister Welcome the Animal Stars from HLT in Person


Here as a brilliant fairy tale world, the colorful lanterns were decorated in the streets everywhere, this is the place of Little India of Singapore.

HLT realistic animal stars were settled down at Singapore now, the Vice Premier also the Secretary of Education and Finance Minster Tharman Shanmugaratnam welcome theirs coming.

Why here is so crowded in Singapore, that’s because on 1819, the ship of Sir Stamford Raffles sailed to Singapore, there were a lot of soldiers and seamen and so on came to here. They became the first immigrants from India, and after that, there were a lot of immigrants came and stay and developing to nowadays little habitation. The present premier of Singapore is one of India immigrant.

When you get into Little India, firstly, you will smell strong chilli powder. The silverware, bronze ware and traditional jewelries, jasmine garlands and skill Sallies were fully exhibit in the store windows. No matter the huge Zhu Jiao Centers or the little stores, you can find a lot of surprises. On the Deepavali also called Hindu Festival of Lights, The Little India was decorated into a glorious fairy world. The shopping people everywhere.

The elephant means lucky animal, so the HLT animals stars got highly welcome by Singapore audience. Even the decorations on the streets also can see elephants elements in it. Let’s go to the street and have a look!

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