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Zigong Hui Long Tang Culture&Art Co., Ltd. Took Part in The Second Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo


The Second Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo was opened on 20th. Sep. With 4 days. In Dunhuang Gansu. The theme of this Cultural Expo started with:“Forum, Show, Exhibition, Creation, Trading and Tourism.” six themes. The “Forum” means cooperation;   The “Exhibition” means the quintessence of the arts; The “Show” aim to the unique of the arts; The ”Creation” refer to inherit the Silk Road culture; The “Trading” helps bring the good projects to the exhibitors; The “Tourism” focal pints is embody the charming of the silk road.

It organized by the Propaganda Department of Zigong city, there are several companies joined this Expo. They are Zigong Hui Long Tang Culture & Art Co., Ltd.(HLT). Zigong Tie-dye Technology Co. Ltd. The Hometown of Zigong Lantern Culture Industry Group Co. Ltd.  Zigong Haitian Culture Co.,Ltd. And the other Tie-dye company.

HLT focused on dinosaur arts. The others focused lights cultural and Tie-dye, they are representativeness of Zigong. As one of the outstanding enterprise of Zigong, HLT have shown three kinds of new style arts on the Expo, they are: the carving dinosaurs arts, dinosaur puppet and the third generation walking dinosaur. Zigong city is known as the home town of dinosaur. The dinosaur arts got highly reputation from the  government officials, clients, and audience.

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