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Dinosaur Park Project


Dinopark is the first and only theme park in Bangladesh. "Dinopark" is more than just an entertainment destination. Their project is not simply an entertainment park. It is complete only edutainment center in Bangladesh. Perfect for all the family members. Showing with a series dinosaur products, like animatronic dinosaur model(T-rex,Triceratops, Spinosaurus, raptor etc.. ), Fiberglass interactive dinosaur for taking photo, having rest of dino chair and rides, cartoon dinosaur sclupture , dinosaur skeleton for educational teacing....

It is located in Kotbari,Comilla-ridge of low hills,cultural heritage,where archaelogical excavations have revealed very significant materials.

A landmark of their ancient history Shalvan Bihara,Mainamati Museum ,with more than 18 sites, a tourist center noted for antiquity and many other lated exhibits. The beautiful surrounding nature contributes to the authentic prehistoric atmosphere of the Dino Park.The park is surrounded by lush trees with small hills.

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